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Our Spiritual Leaders

The Boston Synagogue is a lay-led congregation

For rabbinic support, the Shul has a cadre of 'regular' talent who are with us on a periodic basis, and who are available for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and other life cycle events.

This coming year, we also will be welcoming David Finkelstein, a 4th year rabbinical student from Hebrew College, who will be with us for several shabbats each month.

Compared to most ordinary shuls, where the services take on a somewhat predictable sameness, each of our rabbis/interns brings his/her own unique style, making each week consistent but refreshingly different! It’s a dynamic ensemble approach.

Rabbi-In-Residence and Rabbinic Support For Life Cycle Events

Rabbi Daniel Klein

We welcome our new Rabbinic Intern for the coming year (5774)

Marcie Kamerow

Our Rabbinical Support (in alphabetical order)

Rabbi Al Axelrad

Dr. David Fishman

Rabbi Ebn Leader

Rabbi Ben Lanckton

Noah Weingarten (lay leader)


Rabbi Daniel Klein (Trans-Denominational)

Rabbi Daniel Klein is director of admissions for the Rabbinical School of Hebrew College and director of student life of Hebrew College. His Jewish soul was nurtured down the road in Newton in his parents’ home, to whom his gratitude and admiration is immeasurable. His first stirrings of becoming a rabbi occurred in the afterglow of one of my many summers at Hebrew College’s Camp Yavneh. Since then, he earned a BA from The University of Chicago, majoring in History. Rabbi Klein then lived in San Francisco, dabbling in political consulting and programs supporting people transitioning from welfare to work. He found his way back into Judaism as, of all things, a middle school social studies teacher at Solomon Schecter in West Orange, New Jersey. Rabbi Klein started rabbinical school at the Jewish Theological Seminary and then transferred to the Rabbinical School of Hebrew College, from where he was ordained in 2010.

Rabbi Klein’s passion is to help people find their voice in the world through the prism, practice, rituals and traditions of Judaism. In particular, he loves to be in joyous and song filled prayer communities and to explore sacred texts, particularly the teachings of Baal Shem Tov and his followers, to help us find our paths in the world.

Rabbi Klein has performed many lifecycle events and is available for weddings, funerals, bar and bat mitzvahs, and welcoming ceremonies. He is also available for religious questions of any nature or just to talk. He can be contacted through the synagogue for his hours of availability.

Most importantly, Rabbi Klein is married to Jen, who is an immigration attorney. They have a four year old son Micah and newborn daughter Norah.


Marcie Kamerow

pearceMarcie is a fifth year rabbinical student at Hebrew College. Alongside her rabbinical degree she is pursuing a Masters in Jewish Education with Hebrew College. Originally from South Florida she is a die hard Florida Gators fan! She earned a Bahcelor's degree in Religion and Jewish Studies fro the University of Florida. She went to work for Hillel at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill for a year, and then spent two years studying at the Pardes Institutie in Jerusalem before coming to Hebrew College in 2010. Marcie loves Israel, adventures, hosting meals and exploring! She is excited to be a part of the Boston Synagogue community this year!










Rabbi Ben Lanckton (Conservative)

Rabbi Lanckton received his BA in Theater Studies and Philosophy from Yale College in 1990 and his rabbinic ordination, with a major in Talmud, from the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1996. He served at two Jewish Community Centers and a Hillel Center before joining the Chaplaincy at Massachusetts General Hospital and beginning his time teaching at the Boston Synagogue. He enjoys nurturing creative connections in the Jewish com munity and in the larger community. He lives with his family in Brookline





Rabbi Al Axelrad (Liberal)
Rabbi Al S. Axelrad is the Chair of the Center for Spiritual Life and Adjunct Professor of Religion at Emerson College. 'Rabbi Al” has had an outstanding 34-year career as Brandeis University Chaplain and Hillel Director. The author of three books, Rabbi Al has long been recognized for his progressive social action and liturgical renewal.





Dr. David Fishman (Conservative)
David is an ‘old friend’ of The Boston Synagogue (from his student days at Harvard), who is now Professor of Jewish History at The Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, teaching courses in modern Jewish history. Dr. Fishman also serves as Director of Project Judaica, a Jewish Studies program based in Moscow that is sponsored jointly by JTS, YIVO, and the Russian State University for the Humanities.

Dr. Fishman travels to Moscow and Vilnius (Lithuania) frequently on behalf of Project Judaica. He has recently completed two surveys based on research completed on location: a Jewish archival survey in Belarus (a project spanning eight years) in cooperation with the Belarus State Archival Administration; and a survey of Jewish collections of the "Special Archive" in Moscow. Dr. Fishman is also an Adjunct Professor at Yeshiva University's Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies.

Dr. Fishman is the author of numerous books and articles on the history and culture of East European Jewry. His books include Russia's First Modern Jews, published by New York University Press, and Embers Plucked from the Fire: the Rescue of Jewish Cultural Treasures in Vilna, published by YIVO. Dr. Fishman is the co-editor (with Burton Visotzky) of From Mesopotamia to Modernity: Ten Introductions to Jewish History and Literature (Westview Press, 1999), which recently appeared in a revised Russian edition called Ot Abrama do sovremenosti (Russian State University Press, 2002). His book Dimension of Yiddish Culture is forthcoming from Syracuse University Press. Dr. Fishman serves as Editor of YIVO-Bletter, YIVO's Yiddish-language scholarly journal.

A native New Yorker, David Fishman received his bachelor's degree from Yeshiva University and his master's degree and doctorate from Harvard. He has taught at Brandeis University and Russian State University in Moscow, and was a fellow at the Hebrew University's Institute for Advanced Studies.

David leads services at The Boston Synagogue for the High Holidays. He also leads the synagogue’s first night Passover Seder and services during the first part of the holiday. He is usually with the synagogue for either Succot or Shavuot.


Noah Weingarten: Lay Ritual Leader
A couple from New York visiting their son in Boston stopped by the shul some years ago for one of our lay-led Shabbats, and saw a teenager conducting Saturday morning Shaharit services. That same young man then read the entire Torah portion for the week. They were amazed at something they had never seen before in any shul.

The young man is Noah Weingarten, who from the time of his bar mitzvah in 2002 until he left for college regularly led services and read Torah on Shabbat and holidays.

Noah is a graduate of the Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Boston and Gann Academy/New Jewish High School in Waltham.

He graduated with undergraduate degrees from Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York and is now working in NYC as a paralegal at a major law firm. However, he will be back with us for the High Holidays and periodically thereafter.

See articles featuring Noah in local papers


In response to an increasing workload at the synagogue, we now have two Administrators. Each is accessible via


Kaitlin Doyle: Operations
Kaitlin, who will be graduating from Suffolk University in May 2013, is serving as our operational administrator for financial and non-programming-related activities at the Synagogue. She also is facilitating Meah-related activities






Raquel Ramirez Kaplan: Programming, Marketing and Outreach
Raquel, who started with us in January 2014, is pursuing a Masters Degree in Writing and Publishing at Emerson. She is focused on developing and supporting our programming and marketing/outreach activities






Our Officers/Board of Directors
In a small congregation, everyone is important. We are blessed to have the support of a core group of people who care about the shul and about each other. When we get together, it’s more like getting together with friends.

Chairperson of the Board Susan Schreiner Weingarten
Executive Committee Bette Siegel, Jeff Steinfeld, Michael Weingarten
Vice President Bette Siegel
Secretary Jeff Steinfeld

Michael Weingarten

Board Members

Ruth Aaron, Leslie Blachman, Florence Einhorn, Charles Fineman, Stephanie Goldberg, David Kreisler, Marlene Myer, Shlomo Pinkas, Elaine Ruback, Gail Semigran, Marc Siegel, Ruth Raphael, Heather Stein, Alex Taieb, Carol Trust

Board Member Emeriti Ruth Fein, Marshall Schribman