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125th Anniversary History

The Boston Synagogue
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Boston, MA 02114
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Congregation Beth Jacob
North Russell Street Shul

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the founding of the earliest of the Boston Synagogue's predecessor shuls (Congregation Beth Jacob, founded in 1888), the Board of the Synagogue formed an Archival/Historical Committee, which has written a 260-page history published in time for the celebration in May 2013. It is by far the most authoritative history ever written about the synagogues of the West End, and is now available for purchase directly from the Synagogue, as well as the Israel Book Store in Brookline, MA and


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Much of what we have uncovered is not widely known and is quite fascinating. Parts of it are funny (like the story of how some disgruntled Kosher butchers and a rejected suitor poisoned all 2,000 guests at the wedding of a rabbi's daughter; fortunately, no one died). We also interviewed former West End resident Leonard Nimoy, who among other things told us that the famous Vulcan salute comes from the priestly blessing that he observed as a teenager at one of our predecessor synagogue's High Holidy services.

In some says, the story of Boston Synagogue is the story of Boston generally: substantial growth due to immigration at the turn of the 20th century; followed by a long period of urban decline; then subtantial resurgence as downtown Boston has become an increasingly attractive place for people to live. As such, we celebrate not just our synagogue, but the entire downtown Boston community of which we are a part.

As part of our 125th anniversary, we created a high-resolution scan of the 1909 North Russell Street Mishna Society hand-illuminated cover page, and then created a set of enlargements from this work that now graces the shul sanctuary. We think that it is a beautiful blend of the traditional and the modern!